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Orbitz.com is a travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine. The website is owned by Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., a subsidiary of Expedia Group. It is headquartered in the Citigroup Center, Chicago, Illinois.


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Associate Market Manager says

"Orbitz had a distinct culture of cohesive teamwork and managed to amass a group of high functioning, committed and passionate professionals. Then Barney Hartford arrived with his own culture of divisiveness, cutthroat, dog eat dog, good ole boy network. The company spiraled out of control and was a shadow of its former self. His background as an exExpedia executive and married to a current Expedia executive left his agenda very transparent to everyone but the greedy board of directors. Barney, board and crew all made out like bandits and landed softly with their golden parachutes and left behind carnage and devastation in their wake. Expedia is similar to Stepford there is a distinct "type"."


"Expedia acquired Orbitz and erased everything good about working there. Between layoffs and attrition, much of the talent is just gone. In many cases, employees were retained, but barely welcomed to their new teams and given little direction or much to do."


"So many talented people already left or were let go. Those who are staying were offered much lower level of title and responsibilities, so morale is low. No clarity on quality of projects to be worked on. Bellevue teams are already too bloated with duplicate work and wasted effort. Expedia touted their goals to have 30 percent women VPs by 2020 yet no effort was made to retain Orbitz women leaders, so many talented women were let go: they were directors and VPs at Orbitz."


"Pending sale of company has made the previously high energy, fun environment turn to a dark night in Zombie Land. Not a lot of fun to be around the office these days. Everyone is waiting for the other shoe to fall."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is totally disconnected, I had 2 different managers and 2 different directors within 2 years, don't get fooled with all the "perks" (and their "awards"), healthy snacks were non existant (or very limited quantity), they promote upward mobility or lateral moves but in reality HR does not help you and try to dissuade you to apply."

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"Glad you appreciate the vibe at Orbitz because we strive to promote exactly the kind of culture you describe – “a fun, open, tech environment with lots of employee activities.” Very disappointed, however, to hear about the situation with your manager, as well as your other frustrations. Please email me directly in confidence if you would like to meet and discuss these issues, or you are welcome to email any of the senior leaders of the organization in confidence about your concerns, both for your personal benefit as well as the benefit of our entire company. – Cory Schroeder, Director of Talent Acquisition"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"* Late notices because of unnecessary secrecy which just causes you to run around and stress even more. * A lot of stress. * Depending on the manager, end of year reviews are biased, lacking any concrete information, and clearly demonstrating favoritism to other employees. * End of year reviews tend to be popularity contests. * Forced bell curves where good hardworking employees have to be poorly rated. * Lack of work/life balance. Too many people are burned out. * Promotions are popularity contests as well."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-People sticking around for too long(especially college hires) are not accepting of their newer peers. -Herd mentality as opposed to team mentality. 'Me and I' vs 'Us and we'. Pretty much a crab situation. -Performance reviews and promotions that clearly show favoritism instead of meritocracy -Too much talking and too little to show for it."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Slt is not trust worthy. Company is making bad choices that does not support staff. Moral is at all time low. Company is headed in wrong direction and losing great people."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Worst professional experience of my career. Idea's are welcome if you are director or above, below that your ideas are welcome but always stupid. Asking questions is a sign of incompetence in most cases and a sign of a negative attitude in all other cases. Hard work doesn't matter. Everything, everything, comes down to politics."

Legal Department (Former Employee) says

"Probably the worst job experience I've ever had. Got thrown into job responsibilities that weren't disclosed and I wasn't qualified for from day one in the door. They seem to staff up big time then cut staff as soon as they have to make their numbers.free pophorrible environment"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Orbitz was a fast moving company with great management and innovative work. Then it was bought by Expedia and everything started sliding downhill. Management seemed clueless and Orbitz became directionless."

Orbitz for Business Counselor (Current Employee) says

"A typical workday is you log in 10 min early so you available to take your first call. But, you can not log it the phone or sign into your time sheet until 3min prior to your shift start time. You have varying shift with no consecutive 2 days off. You have to know Apollo and Worldspan (Native) formats. They rarely use scripts. Car / Hotels are hooked in Apollo and depending on account, air.Work from homeFor technology they really have stepped up to move forward with the timesl"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"people are pretty laid back at orbitz. there is a lot that you might want to fix but ends up being fixed as a "workaround' as real fixes are too time consuming and difficult. best areas to work are "new" areas that get a lot of attention.free oatmealtough to be promoted within, lots of "lateral moves""

Regional Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"So any info I have is vastly outdated and not informative for absolutely anyone. It was an okay job when I was there. There is nothing more for me to add despite your system continuing to ask me to say more."

eMarketing Analyst (Current Employee) says

"They supply a great environment for you to do your job, but you are not given any oversight of how to advance by management. This is true to many different parts of the company."

Operations Coordinator/ QA Lead Production (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was attending many meetings and not getting enough time to get your work completed within 8-9 hours in an Agile Deployment environment.Travel discountsLong hours, code deployments in the evening, bad management"

Fraud Administrator (Former Employee) says

"checking and analyzing potential credit card fraud, answering phones, sending emails. report our finding to the manger. research customers credit information to make sure purchases isn't fraudulent.fun upbeat cultureshort breaks, no flexibility"

Kate says

"I used to book a package with orbitz at least once a year, but will never do that again. I booked the round trip flights to Vegas on the phone with an agent. Of course, during this Covid pandemic I had to wait forever to be able to speak to any of them. I had to book flights with an agent to redeem my airline credit and paid extra $109/ticket for family of 4. Because the agent had technical issue, she let me wait 30 minutes on the phone. Luckily I completed my booking with her after 1hr21min. 2 days later I received an email from Orbitz and said Delta canceled my flights. I called Delta, and Delta said my tickets never got paid for. Great! My husband requested PTO for the trip. My kids were so excited because they didn’t go anywhere during the pandemic. Only 48 hrs until my trip, I tried to contact Orbitz. I called them, but couldn’t get hold to anyone. I finally chatted with 3 different people. They don’t solve anything. They asked me to pay $406/ticket, instead of $264/ticket that I paid 2 days ago. I’m not going to pay $406/ticket for flights from Sea to Las. It’s almost the price to fly from Sea to Hawaii. We couldn’t make the trip. I had to cancel everything. Yep, never never have any business with Orbitz again in my life."

glgessner says

"HANDS DOWN THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT EVER EXISTED. I have had to contact them multiple times due to the Covid changes and you can almost never get them on the phone. So when I use the chat, every single time they will get 30 min into a conversation and disconnect from you because they probably decided they just didn’t feel like doing anything. Then you have to start over with a new agent. The last two times I had to chat them I was on there for a few hours just to get help. This most recent time they messed up my reservation which caused the airline the cancel it and then told me that because the flight went up in price I needed to pay the difference for their mistake. Had to speak to a manager for an hour and half arguing until they finally agreed to refund me for their mistake. I will never ever ever book through orbtiz again. Just book direct and save yourself the headache."

Estera Mihele says

"Orbitz services is miserable. If will be possible I will give them less than 1 star. Orbitz made us to lose a lot of money. On August 13/2020, we were to fly to Portland for our vacation but when we arrived to Long Beach airport we found there is no flight. Jet Blue has resume business at Long Beach airport, for weeks ago. Orbitz didn't inform us about this. They, didn't have the common sense to help us with another flight. We got in a lot of stress to find a flight, not to lose our vacation and cost us a lot of money and a day of our vacation ."

Michael T says

"Booked a vacation to Jamaica from 3-9 August 2020. Arrived on 4 August due to a flight issue and the (all adult) resort I booked at was closed - the resort did not get clearance from Jamaica govt to open re their COVID rules. The parent company tried to offer us a room at their family resort in a much lessor quality room. We said no way, making the understandable assumption that Orbitz would refund our hotel stay portion of our vacation, and booked a separate adult only resort. We submitted a claim for reimbursement while still in Jamaica. When we returned to the US - Orbitz stated because we didn't cancel our hotel 24 hours before arrival, that the hotel is not refunding us our vacation stay. Any of it. Can you believe that hotel/resort that is not even open, that fraudulently listed rooms as available on Orbitz when the resort was actually closed - booked through orbitz, is not providing any refund? Can you say "Class Action Lawsuit"?? I can. I would NEVER book with orbitz. Not just for this ridiculousness, but if for example you have a hiccup with an airline flight - you can't fix it through the airline. You have to call orbitz and speak to someone in another country over a bad phone connection who they have to call the airline and try to change something, and many times they can't and just say they will give you credit on a future airfare, without resolving your current problem. The airfare costs are identical on the airline websites, and any future problem, you can quickly get it fixed directly with the airline."

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